The Belgian Brewster B-339

Digging into the archives again, please enjoy this extremely informative how-to article about modeling the Brewster Buffalo in Belgian service, written by Didier Waelkens and published in the IPMS Toronto newsletter in October 1994.

View in PDF here: The Belgian Brewster B-339



March Meeting – Special Seminar

Our next AMPS / IPMS meeting will be held on March 7, 2016.  As usual, the AMPS meeting will start at 6pm and the IPMS Toronto meeting at 7pm.  At the IPMS Toronto meeting we will be happy to host a seminar presented by Darren Gawle covering the following topic:

“The history of German armour colours from the Reichswehr to the end of World War 2, using vintage colour photographs and recent photos of German gear still in its original paint. There will also be a segment on the pitfalls of using vintage colour and black & white photos to determine camouflage schemes.”

Bring out your ongoing and completed projects – we hope to see you all there.

In Memory of Bill Ottaway

Bill Ottaway of Streetsville, who was long involved in the GTA modelling community, passed away suddenly on February 2, 2016, due to complications from a gastro – intestinal condition.  He is survived by his sister and three brothers. He will also be missed by two cats and two dogs. No funeral was held.

Any questions can be directed to Brian C. Margetson at

Adam Wilder Seminar: Metal Works Part 2

Part 2 of the Adam Wilder video introduced earlier:

In September of 2015, local hobby shop Hornet Hobbies was kind enough to host a series of seminars conducted by world-renowned modeler Adam Wilder.  Members of IPMS Toronto were invited to attend and we were permitted to video record the sessions and offer them to the public.  Please enjoy the wealth of knowledge shared here in the first of the Adam Wilder videos.  Video is courtesy of Robert Wlodarek.