Bovington Tank Fest 2017

Armour fans rejoice!  Today we bring you over 400 photos from the recent Tank Fest held in Bovington.  Photos are supplied courtesy of IPMS Toronto member Jonathan Evans.

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Jerry Cans of WWII

IPMS Toronto and AMPS Fort York member Brian Margetson has compiled a comprehensive collection of knowledge regarding the surprisingly fascinating story of Jerry cans used during WWII.  This document looks at all cans from all participants and highlights the evolution of them throughout the conflict.  Click here or on the image below to view his article!


New Donald Nijboer book: Fighting Cockpits

Local aviation author and friend of IPMS Toronto is pleased to announce the availability of his newest book: Fighting Cockpits.  Stay tuned for information regarding a seminar that Donald will deliver at an upcoming IPMS Toronto meeting this year!

“Climb inside the cockpits of the world’s most famous military aircraft from World War I, World War II to the present day!

What was it like to sit in the pilot’s seat and take control of a P-51 Mustang in World War II? What about an F-14 Tomcat at the height of the Cold War? Or a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor today? The cockpits of these fighter and bomber aircraft are revealed in Fighting Cockpits. Showcasing more than 50 of the world’s most famous combat cockpits from early World War I aircraft to present-day fighters, this book includes more than 200 rich color photos from photographer Dan Patterson, as well as detailed history about combat cockpit development from aviation expert and historian Donald Nijboer.”

Experiences of a Russian Tanker in WWII

At our April IPMS Toronto meeting, we were lucky to experience a seminar presented by Serge Kaznadiy who spoke about his father, Ivan Kaznadiy.  Ivan was a machine-gunner in the Russian T-34 tank in 1943-45, then patrolled Austrian forests on a British Lend-lease Valentine tank in 1946, and was also a cockpit gunner in the Russian Petlyakov Pe-2 assault plane in 1947 in Northern Russia.

Below you can find Serge’s presentation in PDF format, containing a treasure trove of rare photos and notes of his father’s service.  Thank you again for a great presentation!