Building General Richard Rohmer’s Mustang

IPMS Toronto President Harvey Low gave a fantastic presentation at the January club meeting regarding his efforts to build an accurate representation of a Mustang flown by one of Canada’s military heros.

Video courtesy of Robert Wlodarek

1 thought on “Building General Richard Rohmer’s Mustang

  1. I’m building two Mustang Mk1 Mustang models.
    One is 1:48 scale and the other is 1:32 scale.
    My cousin was with 414 Sqdn flying out of Ashford England and was shot down September 8,1943. His name was R.E.Baker (Bob) and he was flying his second mission of the day in RU Z, serial number AP197.

    I’m most interested in buying all the decals for both scales including the RCAF rondell of the Maple Leaf that started in July 1943.

    Any assistance will be most appreciated. This September 8 2023 will mark the 80th year that he was shot down.

    Thank you.

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