Haida Revisited

Aboard HMCS Haida once more.
A few more exterior images, followed up with some interior shots as noted below:
IMG_1931 IMG_1914 IMG_1908 IMG_1903 IMG_1819 IMG_1814 IMG_1813 IMG_1809
First off “inside” the ship, or starting nine images in, with images 1838 through 1842 inclusive, we have the Captain’s “Day Cabin”.  The day cabin would serve as the Captain’s quarters while conducting routine ship’s business, which included much day-to-day administration, or while in port when there was no chance of imminent action at sea.
IMG_1838 IMG_1839 IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1842
Image 1902 shows the much more austere “Sea Cabin” of the Captain.  This would be where he would reside while Haida was at sea.  It is located a stone’s throw from the main bridge, and is fully “kitted out” with the various instruments of the ship’s internal communication gear.
The next two, 1802 & 1803 show one of the mess decks where the crew would eat and spend time in off duty hours.
IMG_1802 IMG_1803
Next up is an image of one of the enlisted mens’ “heads” or bathrooms aboard ship — this the washbasin side (the actual heads were to the right of this image, or sort of behind me when it was taken.
Image 1856 is part of the officer’s mess, or wardroom aboard ship and shows, to some extent, the difference between the various level of “appointments” enjoyed by officers aboard ship, when compared to the enlisted men or “other ranks”.
Another of the common mess/off duty spaces for enlisted men is shown in image 1858.
Finally, image 1843 shows a spot I’d rather not have to visit if I were a member of Haida’s crew; that being the sick bay.

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