In Memory of Bill Ottaway

Bill Ottaway of Streetsville, who was long involved in the GTA modelling community, passed away suddenly on February 2, 2016, due to complications from a gastro – intestinal condition.  He is survived by his sister and three brothers. He will also be missed by two cats and two dogs. No funeral was held.

Any questions can be directed to Brian C. Margetson at

4 thoughts on “In Memory of Bill Ottaway

  1. i was sorry to hear of bill ottaway’s passing,he used to work at CTS for the longest time and i didn’t know he had passed til one of my friends posted this little message.

  2. We are learning of Bill’s passing a little late, but never too late to leave condolences… Sincere thoughts and prayers to the family… He is now in a place where he is free from it all/ Rest in Peace Bill.

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