Video: Nice Ways to Display Models

In today’s video, Dave Forest and Dave Browne discuss some of the techniques they use when composing their dioramas.  These techniques aren’t limited to armour – there’s something here for everyone to learn from.  VIdeo is courtesy of Robert Wlodarek.


Video: Dave Browne Groundwork Seminars

Set some time aside this weekend as you’ll want to be sure to watch every part of this fascinating series of how to videos by Dave Browne as he take us through the techniques that he uses for modelling groundwork.  Video is courtesy of Robert Wlodarek.

April Meeting – Special Seminar

In his last presentation, IPMS Toronto member John Maher talked about applying armour techniques to aircraft.  If you missed it, you can refresh your memory with another look at his seminar here.

In this upcoming session, John will talk about applying aircraft techniques to armour.  He will present how he used aircraft building techniques to assemble the stowage on this Korean War Pershing.  He’ll also review the painting and weathering techniques employed to create the finish on this model.