Video: Automotive Models at Heritagecon 13, 2019

With the Torcan show coming up this weekend, let’s relive the fun of recent model shows with a look at the automotive models that were on display at Heritagecon 2019.  Video credit to Robert Wlodarek.



Video: Sprue and Glue

IPMS Toronto member and documentary filmmaker Felipe Belalcazar has produced a fantastic video capturing the essence of what draws us to this hobby and why we love it so much.  Featuring interviews with a number of local master modelers, Felipe visits some familiar locations and ties it together with gorgeous cinematography and music.

April Meeting: Guest Speaker Kirk Lowry

Make sure to mark your calendar for a special IPMS Toronto meeting upcoming on April 1. We will be welcoming Kirk Lowry, son of Ron Lowrie, to present both his book
and his Vietnam experience. Kirk will recount his trips to Vietnam and Laos accompanied by his wife Stephany, and the many hurdles they had to overcome to research and uncover the information needed to write his book, Gold Stars Over the Red River.