Video: IV Warszawska Fiesta Modelarska

IPMS Toronto member Robert Wlodarek made his annual journey to Poland this summer and visited the IV Warszawska Fiesta Modelarska show in Warsaw.   We posted his photos here earlier, and now we have his video to accompany.


Model Show Report: IV Warsaw Fiesta Modelarska

IPMS Toronto and AMPS Fort York member Robert Wlodarek recently traveled to Poland to attend the Warsaw Fiesta Modelarska show.  Please enjoy his report and photos below.

IV Warsaw Fiesta Modelarska lasted two days. I had a very marvelous time and met many interesting people. All of the models were crafted with utmost care and skill. You can view these models in the both the gallery and video that I prepared. I would also like to invite anybody who is interested, to drop by the two modelling stores that I visit during my stay in Warsaw.

Salon Modelarski Jadar-Model

Martola Sklep Modelarski

Pictures of the event:

Pictures: Pawel Piotrowski

Pictures Robert Włodarek

IV Warsaw Fiesta Modelarska. Categories Aircraft and Star Wars

IV Warsaw Fiesta Modelarska. Categories Armor and Dioramas

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Warsaw Fiesta Modelarska

Video: IPMS Warsaw Meeting

Recently our club videographer, Robert Wlodarek, traveled to Poland and was lucky enough to attend a meeting of the IPMS Warsaw group.

“I was invited to the IPMS Warsaw meeting during the Warsaw FiestaModel contest. It was here where I met many new friends and learned many new things. My time spent there can be viewed in pictures and in the short film that I made. I wish the best to all the members, especially the president of IPMS Warsaw, Zbyszka.”

Click on the photo below to see a gallery of photos from the meeting:

Polish Aviation Museum in Łask

From our friends in Poland, come some excellent reference and walk around photos of a wide variety of aircraft on display at the aviation museum in Łask, also home to an annual model show and contest.

“The contents of the exhibition involve viewing military bases on terrain that contains planes and helicopters. The photos from the exhibition are a very good reference material, illustrating many details that can help construct models. The scale model exhibition contest in Łask invites everybody to visit the IPMS Warszawa website where you can view the remainder of pictures from the exhibition.

Credits to Darek Trzeciak and Adam Grzymski for the photos.”