July Meeting

IPMS Toronto member Ying Louie is one of Canada’s most renown armour and diorama builders. He has won numerous awards and is now going to share his techniques of “Groundwork Modelling” at our July 6 IPMS and AMPS Toronto meeting. Topics covered will be theme settings, presentation styles and techniques, placement & positioning, ingredients to groundwork, and airbrushing/painting.

Please join us on Monday July 6th!

CityBird Boeing 737

Some interesting history and a build log in this article written by IPMS Toronto member AJ Forster as it appeared in our printed newsletter in July 2001.

Moving forward we will be reposting more of these old articles on our website to ensure that the valuable information contained within them will remain available to modelers around the world in the future.





June Meeting

Our next AMPS Fort York Toronto and IPMS Toronto meetings will be held on Monday, June 1st 2015. The AMPS meeting will take place between 6:00-7:00p.m. and this will be a regular build night .  It is also a great opportunity to bring any of your entries out prior to the Local AMPS Great white North show that will take place at the end of May and perhaps get a chance for others to look at your work and receive some positive , constructive, pointers prior to the actual show judging.

At 7:00pm we will have our semi-annual Club swap meeting. This is available only to paid club members and is not open to members of the public or commercial vendors .  As usual new members are encouraged to attend and we will be checking for any outstanding memberships fees during this meeting.

Hope to see you all there and should you have any questions about this particular meeting,  then please feel free to contact me Via our sites webmaster  and I will answer any of your questions and queries.

Happy Modeling!…Will