Needed: Kit Donations to Raise Funds

While we have a healthy membership in terms of paid members (one of if not the largest IPMS Chapter in Canada, and I think second or third largest AMPS chapter world-wide), we have a budget challenge in that each month costs us money to cover the room rental at Loblaws.

As such, Bernie Hengst has gratiously allowed us to have a table at the AJAX Show this fall (thanks Bernie!), whereby kit donations will be sold and all funds used by AMPS Fort York Toronto and IPMS Toronto towards room rental cost coverage, so we continue to have our home and place to meet monthly.

Please take time to scour your collections and bring those orphaned and unwanted kits to the September and October Meetings. Also feel free to bring them to Ajax on Saturday October 24 if more convenient! Please mark your name on the kits you donate, as we will offer a prize to the person that donates the most kits!

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