1 thought on “Video: The Garage Studio Modellers Discuss Contest Judging Part 1

  1. Great video and discussion, guys ! Here’s some more for your banter . . . . the distinction between fit and finish . . .
    Model 1 has a minor misalignment, but otherwise a flawless finish . . . . .
    Model 2 has spot-on alignment, but some flaws (small) in the finish – maybe a little orange peel, or some small bits of silvering . . .
    Levels of detail are comparable – to simplify this discussion – assume both are from the same kit, built out-of-box. This is the “fun” part of judging – how do you choose between them. I don’t believe there’s any criteria that says 1 aspect takes priority over the other. Certainly if one exhibits a clearly visible flaw (be it alignment or finish), and the other is barely discernible, the choice is easier. If both models shown equally minor flaws in different aspects . . . . . .any advice on how to choose ? 😎

    OK . . .who is this Wong guy asking dumb questions anyways !?!??

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