IPMS Toronto Participates in Build a Model Month!

IPMS Toronto is proud to announce that we are participating in FineScale Modeler’s Build a Model Month event running through November 2022.

FineScale Modeler (FSM) is proud to announce that November is Build a Model Month (BAMM). FSM and its readers have always celebrated the scale modeling hobby, but, until now, there has never been an official month designated for building models and recognizing the hobby.

During November, we encourage scale model hobbyists to not only build a model in celebration of BAMM, but to introduce the hobby to someone who isn’t currently a modeler, whether that is a family member, friends, or another person in your community. Grab a model, sit down at a workbench, dining room table, or any other flat surface with enough room to work and build a model kit together.

Model clubs can organize an event around BAMM to help introduce scale modeling to new hobbyists, get together for a group build, or simply urge their members to find someone new to scale modeling and raise awareness for the hobby.

What’s more, FSM wants to hear your stories. Tell us how you are sharing the passion for building scale models with others. Send us photos of your models, your building sessions, you and others enjoying the hobby, and tell us about your exploits and experiences, challenges and triumphs. We’ll select stories and share them on FineScale.com or in the magazine. You can upload your photos and stories at contribute.kalmbach.com or share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Wait! There’s more! In celebration of Build a Model Month, FineScale Modeler will host an online model contest during November 2022 with a cash prize going to the winner along with a cover position and story about the model in a future FSM issue.”


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