February 2018 Meeting: Special Seminar

Make sure you find time to come to the IPMS Toronto February meeting as we will be having a seminar conducted by members John Antoni and Scott Jones discussing their techniques for making scale trees for their dioramas.

“John Antoni will be conducting a seminar on how to construct 1/35 pine trees, that would be 40′ to 60′ high in real life. He will take people through the 6 steps required to accomplish a convincing end result. There will be 1 bonus step that shows a tree covered in snow!”

“AMPS / IMPS member Scott will be showing the others at the Feb 2018 meeting how to make pine trees.The various steps and examples involved from start to finish.They will be approx 8-9” in length.They could be used for several different scales.

It’s a pretty straightforward process, basically using  3″ paintbrush bristles, wire and wooden dowels, and a few other commonly used items in the hobby.”

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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