April Meeting – Special Seminar

Our next AMPS / IPMS meeting will be held on April 11, 2016please note that this is the second Monday of the month.  As usual, the AMPS meeting will start at 6pm and the IPMS Toronto meeting at 7pm.  At the IPMS Toronto meeting we will be happy to host a seminar presented by Serge Kaznadiy covering the following topic:

Our speaker Serge Kaznadiy will be talking about his father Ivan Kaznadiy who was a machine-gunner in the Russian T-34 tank in 1943-45, who then patrolled Austrian forests on a British Lend-lease Valentine tank in 1946, and who also was a cockpit gunner in the Russian Petlyakov Pe-2 assault plane in 1947 in Northern Russia. Serge made the models of both of his father’s tanks which he will bring to the meeting. He is currently making his father’s Pe-2 bomber and I hope Serge will make it by 11 April. The presentation will done via PowerPoint, with some 20 slides and historic photos. Serge’s presentation will last for some 20-30 minutes plus Q&A session.

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