April and May 2014 Meetings

At April and May’s meeting we will be having Mike Slater as a  guest speaker for both meetings. Mike is a retired Captain  with  the Canadian forces  and he served twelve years as an armoured reconnaissance Officer with the 1st RCR Battle group where he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006-07.
Within hours of taking over its area of responsibility in August of 2006,The battle group became engaged in combat operations that continued almost without interruption for the next month, including mounting operation Medusa, the largest Canadian combat operation since the Korean war, and the first in NATO’s history.
The follow up to Medusa, Operation Baaz Tsuka , saw the first combat employment of Canadian Tanks since the Korean war.
Mike will present photos and details from these engagements from a modeling perspective, as well as several tactical vignettes and suggested diorama subjects.
Due to the large amount of information that will be presented we will stretch this over the next two months of meetings.
This seminar will start at 7:30 sharp and  is free to all IPMS paid members. Non-Members will be charged five dollars to attend each session. So lets bring out our Canadian armour projects to share and discuss with the group.

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